I Believe in All Missourians.....

I believe that it’s critical for the needs of ALL Missourians to be represented in our state government. Missouri will be looking for ways to compensate for recent tax cuts. I am a strong supporter of a balanced budget, but I fear that the first line of attack will hurt those most in need. Prime targets will be retirees, elderly, disabled and children. I will be your voice and advocate to continue to provide essential services.

My Top Priorities:

  • Protect Social Security, Disability, Medicare/Medicaid and Affordable Health Care
  • Actively work with Missouri Teachers and Administrators to assure our children receive the quality education at Primary, Elementary, High School and College levels.
  • Address the Opioid epidemic that has a stronghold on many families within MO House District 119 and the entire state of Missouri

The time has come for legislators to reach across the aisle and find common ground solutions. I will work to make this happen by utilizing communication, compassion and common sense.